by Forage

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released December 5, 2014

Brandon Clark - vocals, guitar
Sean O'Neil - guitar
Josh Clark - drums
Joe Lala - bass

recorded, mixed & mastered by Micah Carli at Popside Recording

artwork by Robert Trimbach

acknowledging: Vallen Pool, Aubrey Medlin, and Dustin Payne for their parts in bringing this to life



all rights reserved


Forage Ohio

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Track Name: Grandpa
I take one step back to feel right.
I can’t get you off my mind
I know there’s times when I can’t seem to understand
but darling don’t give up on me so easily

I’m trying hard to break old ways
to see through this selfish haze
to bind myself to something good
oh no oh no don’t let me go

I can feel you growing distant
I know what’s been on your mind
I hope there’s a time when you will finally understand
cause darling dear I fear a desire to follow you

I’m trying hard to break old ways
to see through this selfish haze
and to bind myself to something good
oh no oh no don’t let me go

I’m not letting you go
Track Name: Harmony
the sort of folks that watch us when we go
They say we are not real, and wonder how it feels to know

I’m torn between the guilt that’s pushed on me
And being alone, watching her go

I know what’s right but lately I choose what’s wrong

In the short time passed I’ve aged beyond my youth
Beyond what’s right she taught me how to fight
To take a chance, and leave it all behind
With each door I close there’s one less place ill know
Track Name: Religion
I can’t begin to believe you
and those who you try to save
you’re pushing your own life on me
pretending like you’re not

and all you said about me
I’m wandering all over in your house
and I can’t find
what you look for
I’m stuck on what this is all for
Track Name: Drinking Games
you fall asleep next to me
maybe 'cause of drinking games
you fall hard you fall hard
is that rain
in your eyes
you're fixed on
the wrong ones

I'm not letting you go
it frightens me that you can't see that you are loved

you try hard
To lose yourself tonight
the boys respond
you fall hard
A knock on my door
sorrow fills
empty hearts
we fall hard
Track Name: West for Gold
I'm writing to you let you know
I'm heading west for gold
To start a life with you by my side
I’ve always dreamed that we
Would be famous back at home
Rich beyond our means

Far aint far enough
To describe how I feel
I’m feeling anxious though
It’s not easy like I thought
But don’t worry dear
I’m still striving strong
I’m hoping soon i'll be
Drifting along

A fear has a hold
Of me by the throat
I’m striving to break free
This place is breaking me
It’s hard it’s hard to say
Looks like the folks were right
aint got what it takes
I aint got what it takes

I dream of what I had
and what I had was you
and I left like a fool
I’m waiting on your post
will you wait for my ghost
Track Name: Without You
Before long you'll find this is one-sided
You're stronger, unyielding with your love for me

What am I to do without you

You'll stand up I'll stand down when you are wrong
It's foolish for you to think you are all I have
Track Name: Seventeen
I’m barely lost I'm barely talking
I’m tryin hard to stay on my feet
I know this house but not these people
I don’t know how I got here
has anyone seen my brother
I’m afraid of what I’ll find
I'll pretend it's still a secret
I'll pretend that I don’t mind

am I better off with you

stay away from me
you’ve done enough for my integrity
is it foolish to stand by you?
to carry us and be crushed by you

am I wrong am I old fashioned?
or was I the same when I was young
I was acting hard but I was hollow
I was acting out with no regard

seventeen isn’t what it used to be
getting lost and having fun
getting lost it’s so much fun